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Polyurea Thickener Powder

Polyurea Thickener Powder

Product Description

Product code: PT2502S 
Appearance: fine powder with color between white and light yellow 
Density: 0.561g/cm3 
Application: can be used in all kind of grease production which are based on polyurea thickner 
Packaging: Net weight 20 kgs in fiber drums

Polyurea Thickner Powder is produced by patented technology with special equipments. It is not a hazardous material, it is safe, easy for shipment and storing, environment friendly, it makes the polyurea grease production very easy and low cost

Typical data of polyurea grease produced with this thickener:

Item Typical value
NLGI # 2
Treat rate wt% 10
Worked Cone Penetration, 0.1mm 281
Prolonged worked cone penetration 105 times, 0.1mm 328
Dropping point, ℃ 310
Corrosion(T2 sheet copper , 100℃, 24h) Pass
Steel mesh oil filtering(100℃, 24h) 1.2


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